Who was Kaldi?

According to legend, Kaldi (or Kaldia in Spanish) is the name of the Ethiopian goatherd that discovered the coffee beans years and years ago. He noticed how his goats became more energetic after nibbling the red berries from an (until then) unknown bush. Some say the goats couldn’t sleep that night. He wouldn’t have slept either if he would have imagined the huge industry that coffee turned out to be hundreds of year later. We want to honor him, using his name, by thriving on the rich (and tasty) culture of coffee.


About Kaldia

Next to our love for the coffee culture there is our passion for bringing to the consumer new experiences in the most effective and convenient ways. That is why Kaldia specializes in products related to the coffee-capsules market: a new, growing market that puts at hand the passion for good coffee directly into the final consumer’s homes and offices.